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Comment Poster  v.8.4

Comment Poster is automatic comment posting software and ultimate dofollow backlinks generator designed for webmasters that aren't fully satisfied with the effectiveness of traditional backlinks building techniques.


Link'n'Surf on your mobile phone allows you to: Subscribe to any RSS/Atom feed, Blogs, News Headlines, Weather, Stocks, Horoscopes, Quotes, flickr photos ... Read/Post comments on every article you


Blog Buzz

Blog Buzz is a blog finder software that allows you find SEO friendly blogs where you can post comments with a backlink to your website. You can use it to increase your page rank in the search engine as well as your rankings. With this software you can

FriendAdder  v.5. 4. 2001

FriendAdder is a useful and reliable utility which enables you to easily post Comments, Send Messages, & Add Friends on MySpace - Automatically.

YA Replier  v.1.0

YA Replier not only functions as Yahoo Answers Level 2 Account Creator, but it can also Auto-Search Yahoo Answers Open Questions and Auto-Post your Ads/Answers properly.

Facebook Dislike  v.1.3.1

Add a 'Dislike' feature on Facebook. Facebook Dislike implement a "Dislike" button on Facebook. The "Dislike" button will be placed right next to the "Like" button, so you cant miss it. It also has an option to disable/enable auto-post

The Kingdogs  v.

This is the Kingdogs Windows Phone 7 application. Read all about the band! View our calendar so you can catch an upcoming show! Read and post comments,

The Holy Qur'an  v.

Developed by Usman ur Rehman Ahmed Version 1.3 brings - Pin secondary tiles to directly navigate to Surah reading - Auto post FB status feeds fix - Simplistic redesign of application - Quick jump popup dark theme visibility fix - Search string

WP OnlyWire Auto Poster  v.3.1.1

WP OnlyWire Auto Poster plugin syndicates your blog posts to over 20 social networking sites simultaneously over OnlyWire infrastructre when you publish a post.

Blog Comment Poster  v.5.4

Blog Comment Poster is automatic blog commenting software dedicated to businesses and individuals who seek faster indexing, improved search engine rankings, more targeted visitors, and increased number of sales at the same time.

PIMShell  v.5 39

PIMShell is the first Feed Reader which supports viewing and posting comments directly, so you need not open the original web page any longer.

Online Community Suite  v.2.0

Yes it's a bot. Just not any bot - it's a fully automated, unattended and jam-packed with features complete solution for MySpace. A single software package that you can use on just any platform - Windows, Mac OSX or Linux. This is not just another

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